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Mobile Apps for Life Sciences Researchers

There is no question that mobile apps are de rigueur and like other mobile devices users, life science researchers are beginning to regularly use them! After all, any innovation that can make the long hours spent doing laboratory research, easier, less time-consuming and enjoyable are likely to be welcomed by most researchers. According to Alex Hodgson, […]

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Does technological progress mean less respect?

Still reporting from Nürnberg (where the EuCheMS meeting takes place this week), I had the opportunity this morning to observe and think on how people behave at a conference. In my imagination, conferences in the past involved a passionate speaker (usually wearing a hat) who was disclosing his/her latest discoveries, vehemently speaking or writing on […]

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New Book – Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: From Science to Solutions

I’ve just published a new book, by Michael L. Salgaller, PhD. In Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: From Science to Solutions Michael combines the voices of a diverse set of industry insiders with extensive experience in biotechnology commercialization to prepares nascent founders, managers, investors, and other biotechnology company stakeholders to position themselves and their companies for commercial success. […]

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Science Is Vital

More news that proves science is vital: Is your dog a “bowl half full” kind of dog” – Dogs are either optimists or pessimists, according to a new study that helps explain why some dogs are less than calm when you leave them alone. They see the bowl as half empty rather than half full. […]

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And the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to… Chemistry!

After yesterday’s Nobel Prize in Physics which went to two relatively young researchers (Andre Geim* and Konstantin Novoselov from the University of Manchester) for a very recent discovery (graphene, isolated in 2004), today’s Prize in Chemistry went to much older people for discoveries made 40 years ago: Richard F. Heck (emeritus professor at the University […]

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Synthetic Biology: Revolutionary or Evolutionary

Synthetic biology has been hailed as a revolution in biotechnology, enabling bold new possibilities in areas such as energy production, medicines, and other applications. But, is it really revolutionary, or just a new tool? With our current knowledge of the structure and function of proteins, the ability for de novo engineering is relatively limited. The […]

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