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Drug may improve outcomes after heart attack

 We know that, Eplerenone (INN)  is an aldosterone antagonist used as an adjunct in the management of chronic heart failure. It is similar to the diuretic spironolactone, though it is much more selective for the mineralocorticoid receptor in comparison (i.e., does not possess any antiandrogen, progestogen, or estrogenic effects), and is specifically marketed for reducing […]

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Can drinking green tea or coffee cut stroke risk?

Probably not. A recent study from Japan was much hyped in the media earlier this week but as NHS Choices points out, the researchers themselves offered a number of limitations to their study: The information on illness, green tea and coffee consumption was all self-reported, which introduces the possibility of error. For example, although food […]

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World Book Day Confusion

It hadn’t occurred to me that there might be more than one World Book Day. Apparently (thanks Bob O’Hara) we Brits celebrate and promote literacy on 7th March to get around school holidays, which is why yesterday all the kids trotting up to school were dressed as characters from their favourite books. Apparently, the UNESCO […]

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