Archive | September, 2012

Pearls of wisdom

Various people have been leaving a trail of pearls regarding my forthcoming book Deceived Wisdom. You can get a free sampler here or if you’re in the UK pre-order the print edition in plenty of time for Christmas. Ahaargh! Francis Wheen – Judging by the sampler, it’s my dream book. I may well have to […]

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Raspberry ketone

Raspberry ketone, more specifically, 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-one, is an organic compound, a phenolic or ketonic compound depending on which end you focus on, present in red raspberries, it’s the main chemical that gives them their distinctive aroma. As such, it is used widely in perfumery, cosmetics, and the food industry, giving products a fruity, raspberry odour. It […]

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