Archive | April, 2012

Discounted on Amazon already

My new book, which I just mentioned not 5 minutes ago, and for which I’ve not actually signed the physical, paper contract nor done much more than the basic table of contents and a single “typeset test” chapter, is already on Amazon and discounted from the list price by 10%. Maybe it’ll be available for […]

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Explosive Alchemist

An explosive start to this weeks Alchemist, well actually its a non-explosive start thanks to a reaction scheme that tames diazomethan. In the world of X-ray crystallography, we learn that the bound structure of a drug to treat hepatitis C has been determined and in materials science, truly alchemical-sounding chemistry reveals that Beaujolais is the […]

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2012 Biotech Humanitarian Award Nominations Open

I am once again honored to be judging the Biotech Humanitarian Award. The Biotech Humanitarian Award is given to an individual who has harnessed the potential of biotechnology to heal, fuel or feed the planet. Last year’s Honoree was Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine advocate who serves as the Chief of the Division of Infectious […]

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