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Alchemist Chemistry News

The Alchemist learns how to manipulate tiny polystyrene beads with a set of micro-tweezers this week and spots the smoking gun in forensics using capillary-scale ion chromatography and suppressed conductivity. In the world of chemophobia has asked why parabens are still the focus of research into underarm hygiene and breast cancer despite the lack of […]

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Abbott Slashes 700 Jobs From Its Medical Devices and Diagnostics Unit

Chicago-based Abbott Laboratories today announced that it would lay off 700 employees from its medical devices and diagnostics division as part of an ongoing restructuring effort. Most of the layoffs will take place in the Chicago area and affect employees that manufacture the company‚Äôs cardiovascular stents and diagnostic tests. According to a company spokesperson approximately […]

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Pistachio penis pump for erectile dysfunction?

Pistachio nuts apparently improve erectile function parameters and serum lipid profiles in patients with erectile dysfunction. So says a research paper in the imaginatively named International Journal of Impotence Research (a section of The Journal of Sexual Medicine from Nature Publishing Group, I believe). The twitter headline simply said “Pistachio nuts improve erections”, which was […]

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