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End of the year Alchemist

Last 2011 issue of The Alchemist. Watch out for more in 2012. Meanwhile: an alchemical trick if ever there was one is revealed this week by chemists in Israel who have made insoluble substances soluble while mathematics helps cut costs in tracing black gold. In the wild, The Alchemist also learns why some chilis are […]

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What are the main cancer risks?

NHS Choices recently summarised and analysed the findings of a UK study into cancer risk. It reports that for many people several factors are involved. Moreover, one’s personal risk also depends on genetics, family history and aging. According to the study in 2010, around 43% of UK cancer cases were blamed on lifestyle and environmental […]

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The cutting edge of chemistry

The November issue of the Cutting Edge of Chemistry (PDF) newsletter which I produce for ThomsonReuters is now online. In this latest issue: Organic synthesis scheme showcase – The nutlins were first identified by scientists screening a chemical library at Hoffmann-La Roche. In this article, we showcase a new synthetic route to (-)-nutlin 3 recently […]

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