Archive | July, 2011

Headless zombie squid and dead frogs dancing

It is possible to re-animate dead appendages with a little salt, either table salt or in solution form as soy sauce. Be warned, this may put you off your breakfast. In the first video (which seems to have first appeared on the web a couple of years ago but a variant of which went viral […]

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CNS Investment Opportunity

An early-stage CNS therapeutic company on whose board I sit is looking for investments in the UK or the United States. They describe their focus as “development of novel CNS assets that span from early development to human clinical trial stages.” If you would like to learn more, please let me know using the contact […]

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DNA-based chemical computer calculates square roots

DNA computing was first proposed in the mid-90s and uses chemical reactions to solve problems, using DNA strands as ‘bits’. The work recently published in Science by Lulu Qian and Erik Winfree from Caltech demonstrates the use of DNA for performing calculations (ie, finding the square roots of numbers up to 15). Made from 130 […]

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