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FDA Inspections: Insights into Responding to FDA Inspectional Observations

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspections of drug and devices manufacturing facilities are typically anxiety ridden exercises that can strike fear into even the most seasoned quality and regulatory affairs professionals. And, most manufacturing facilities do not escape these inspections unscathed and are routinely cited, in many cases, for minor infractions. For those of […]

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The fraudulent invention debunkifie

Debunking crackpot and fraudulent inventions has never been easier than now thanks to the world-shattering invention of the Crackpot Flowchart(TM) from Sciencebase. Based on the 13 unlucky-for-crackpots warning signs published some time ago on, this handy multicoloured flow chart lets you assess that recent email touting the latest ground-breaking breakthrough invention. The Crackpot Flowchart(TM) […]

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Using patent information to track globalization

I will be giving a talk on “Using patent information to track globalization” at the ACS conference in Anaheim next week. The talk is part of the ACS Division of Chemistry and Law session on What Can Patent Information Do For Scientists, and is based on analysis of data from DrugPatentWatch. I look forward to […]

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